Monday, September 27, 2010

39 weeks tomorrow ;)

I made it to early baby here ;) J is guessing this week...but he said that last week. I also got a text from my dear friend Leah, that she had a "feeling" that it was going to be this week..we shall see!

In the mean time, I am one boring house wife. ha. I suppose I should enjoy the quiet and "free-ness" of it all...but I am ready for the mom life. This kid is going to be the center of my universe and I cannot wait. 

So while J and I wait for Isabelle's arrival, I hang out with the dogs and converse with some new found bump friends. These ladies are amazing and full of wisdom and experience that you can't get from the books.

I know this blog isn't much to look at these days...but I fully intend to fill it up full of pictures and updates of my little girl and our life with her. Thanks for sticking with me through the boring- the good stuff is on it's way for sure. ;)

Oliver and Oakley
38 weeks 4 days

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Full Term

I am 37 weeks. Wait...what?? Yea... I'm still pretty much in denial that Isabelle could decide to come at any moment. As of last week's appointment, I still had 0 progress...we will see if today's appointment is any different.

I'm thinking she will be late...October 10th possibly? I'm not going to get into the craze of a "10-10-10" birthday but it would be cool, no? She's has a lot of birthday's surrounding hers, lets see if she picks a day for herself ;) September 17th (tomorrow) is her grandma Wendy's...October 2nd is her Aunt Amy's. October 14th is her Uncle Colby's. She has already passed her Mimi's birthday (Sep. 11th) and her Aunt Kelsey's (Sep. 13th). We have a lot of fall birthday's in our family as you can see. So I'm curious to see if she's show up on a day of her own. 

I feel pretty prepared for the most part. Nursery is pretty much ready, clothes are washed, car seat is ready. Are her parents ready? haha I'm still very much in denial. I'm not having the "labor worries" like some first time mothers get, where the idea of giving birth is suddenly weighing on my mind...I think I have just enough faith in myself and medicine to keep me sane. I notice a lot of people are afraid of giving birth in hospitals these days. Too many things gone wrong, unnecessary c-sections, unnecessary drugs, procedures, etc. I have read more than I should probably and I think I'm educated enough to know what I do and don't want for Izzie's birth. We will see if she cooperates with her mother. ;)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

35 week appointment!

Updating from our 35 week appointment ;)

Munchkin was still footling breech at 28 weeks, so Dr. G scheduled an ultrasound to see if she had made any progress on flipping. I knew there was something in my ribs but not quite sure what. I just couldn't make out if it was feet or fists. Sure enough, Isabelle is head down and a healthy girl. I am not dilated at all so I don't think she is quite ready to join us yet (which is to be expected at 35 weeks). Although, I have heard that people can go from 0 dilation to labor in no time. J still thinks she is going to be 2 weeks early. He has guessed sometime between the 21st and 23rd of September. I'm still sticking with my due date. I always said I would like the fact that I'm August 5th and she could be October 5th. Works for me ;) I don't think I've ever been so excited about the fall. Summer was always my favorite time of the year but these days, October is looking pretty good. I was just telling J how I'm ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas already...

We've been enjoying our newly lined pool this weekend. Our pool had been out of commission all summer because the liner had failed. I guess Labor day weekend is better than not at all, we were really missing not having it this summer. Oakley LOVES the water. He sticks to the steps, but loves sticking his nose in the water and chasing his tennis ball up and down the steps. Oliver only comes near the water to drink, no swimming for that husky. I will definitely post pictures later.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's See Where This Goes...

Well here is my first attempt at a blog. I have no idea what I'm doing with this thing, so hopefully it will get better as I learn ;)
  I decided to blog because I am about to be a mother to a baby girl.[<:o)] I would like to be able to keep family and friends updated, as I have important people to me scattered all over the place. Also, if this blog survives that long (maybe I'll print it out one day if it's successful), I would like my daughter to have it. Because my mom passed away when I was 11, I never got to ask her all the questions about pregnancy/motherhood/etc. I learned about what to expect during child birth and parenting from other sources, sure. But I still feel that I'm missing out on something, not being able to ask my own mother. I am ready for my daughter to be here and I believe the rest of the family is ready for her as well. John asks me pretty much everyday if she is coming yet. haha. It's become a little game we play.
With that being said, I'm going to go do some blog formatting and make this thing easier on the eyes. Wish me luck ;)