Monday, September 27, 2010

39 weeks tomorrow ;)

I made it to early baby here ;) J is guessing this week...but he said that last week. I also got a text from my dear friend Leah, that she had a "feeling" that it was going to be this week..we shall see!

In the mean time, I am one boring house wife. ha. I suppose I should enjoy the quiet and "free-ness" of it all...but I am ready for the mom life. This kid is going to be the center of my universe and I cannot wait. 

So while J and I wait for Isabelle's arrival, I hang out with the dogs and converse with some new found bump friends. These ladies are amazing and full of wisdom and experience that you can't get from the books.

I know this blog isn't much to look at these days...but I fully intend to fill it up full of pictures and updates of my little girl and our life with her. Thanks for sticking with me through the boring- the good stuff is on it's way for sure. ;)

Oliver and Oakley
38 weeks 4 days

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  1. haha my kid will share your dog's name. Just sayin'

    And, look at that belly!