Thursday, September 16, 2010

Full Term

I am 37 weeks. Wait...what?? Yea... I'm still pretty much in denial that Isabelle could decide to come at any moment. As of last week's appointment, I still had 0 progress...we will see if today's appointment is any different.

I'm thinking she will be late...October 10th possibly? I'm not going to get into the craze of a "10-10-10" birthday but it would be cool, no? She's has a lot of birthday's surrounding hers, lets see if she picks a day for herself ;) September 17th (tomorrow) is her grandma Wendy's...October 2nd is her Aunt Amy's. October 14th is her Uncle Colby's. She has already passed her Mimi's birthday (Sep. 11th) and her Aunt Kelsey's (Sep. 13th). We have a lot of fall birthday's in our family as you can see. So I'm curious to see if she's show up on a day of her own. 

I feel pretty prepared for the most part. Nursery is pretty much ready, clothes are washed, car seat is ready. Are her parents ready? haha I'm still very much in denial. I'm not having the "labor worries" like some first time mothers get, where the idea of giving birth is suddenly weighing on my mind...I think I have just enough faith in myself and medicine to keep me sane. I notice a lot of people are afraid of giving birth in hospitals these days. Too many things gone wrong, unnecessary c-sections, unnecessary drugs, procedures, etc. I have read more than I should probably and I think I'm educated enough to know what I do and don't want for Izzie's birth. We will see if she cooperates with her mother. ;)

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